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Please understand that spots fill quickly.  If interested in any of the above classes or programs please click on the scheduling button located on each program page. 


Our Small Group Pre-k Classes 

Gives Pre-k students the opportunity to learn to read before they enter school.  This class is specifically designed for children who already know their letters, letter sounds, show an interest in books and reading stories.  Our 8 week pre-k reading classes are only open to students who can pass our reading/interest test.  Class size is limited to 4 students.

Timely Parenting Classes 
Learn the tricks and tools you need to be a successful parent and bring joy into your home. Unlock the secrets to increasing your child's self esteem, well being and independence while reducing negative behaviors such as tattling, hitting, biting and temper tantrums.

Teacher Trainings
If you are new to teaching or have a few years under your belt this workshop is specifically designed with you in mind.  It covers a broad range of topics to make your life easier.  The workshop covers the "Nuts and Bolts" Teaching.  You will learn how to become more organized.  Discover the secrets of classroom management.  Learn to discipline effectively.  Establish effective routines and so much more.